Universal Flex Frame:
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,481,013 
  • Constructed on tubular steel.
  • Designed connection was created and patented specifically for the Universal Flex Frame.
  • Able to adapt non-standardized billboards into standard sizes for easier sales and rotary, if desired.
  • Installation of the flex face is quick and easy as you do not have to go in back of the billboard to attach the flex face.
  • Tie downs have been placed every 5' around the frame to keep from using ratchet straps on an almost zero basis.
  • Flex face can be wrapped on all four sides resulting in a more smooth and squared face.
  • No trip hazard due to no ratchet straps in use.
  • No tails of ratchet straps showing.
  • Flex face is not pulled out of context due to ratchet straps pulled in all directions.
  • Corners are not bent in.
  • Elimination of panels - saving in thousands of dollars.
  • Storm preparation is much quicker and safer.
  • Available as a Wall Mount Frame.
  • Galvanized inside and out to help prevent rusting.

    UFF Cut-Out Attachments:

  • 1/4" flat stock resulting in a stronger connection between the frame and cut-out.
  • Bolt holes can be added to the back of the frame to attach cut-out supports.
  • Cut-out supports are available in different sizes and can be attached to all four sides.

Back Up Flex Face:
  • Helps block the sun from shining through.
  • Helps with the wind while changing the main flex face.
  • Have your company name and phone number printed on the flex for use when not leased out.

Wood Universal Flex Frame:
  • The frame is meant to cut down on the weight and makes it possible to work behind the billboard.
  • No more nails at the top and sides of the face.
  • No ratchet straps showing.
  • This frame is also available in the ratchless system.



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